The technical underwear is no longer just a garment used by sports and outdoor enthusiasts, but also suitable for everyday use. In fact, very often we find ourselves faced with stressful work situations in which sweating can be excessive and embarrass us.

Just think of meetings and interviews, business trips to reach one customer after another, or simply at home while doing heavy jobs in the garden. Sweating is vital to our health, helps us lower the body temperature in certain situations, in conditions of physical exertion, fever or, precisely, of mental stress. There is no denying, however, that in some cases there is no other consideration than an extremely annoying traveling companion, which we would gladly do without, both for visual reasons and for smell. However, technology in the yarn industry can really help us.

Sweat, a resource that can become problematic

Underwear is worn as the first layer directly on the skin and is therefore the basic element of layered clothing that must allow our body to sweat and transpire. Reduce sweat, but not prevent it: this is the motto of modern and functional underwear .

It is important to always remember that the body does not sweat randomly, and that sweat drops have an important function in regulating the heat: by escaping and evaporating they ensure that the body is cooled .

However, if sweat gets stuck on the skin through the classic non-breathable underwear, problems may arise in the cooling phase , essential to limit the uncontrolled proliferation of bacterial flora, or skin flora. A further consequence of this process is the inevitable bad smell that can embarrass so much. But now the technology in fabric making can come to our rescue. Let's see how.

O.Block: the valid solution of Italian excellence

With the line of men's underwear O.Block di Olimpia 1960 , a company from Varese that has been involved in the creation of men's underwear, shoe-making and flat-clothes for over fifty years, with a particular focus on the quality of fabrics and innovation in the yarn sector, it can be safely said to be faced with a new generation of breathable and odor-blocking garments.

The briefs, the elastic boxers and the fabric T-shirts treated with the wavetex method are very comfortable under the other garments, and they give a feeling of security and serenity in reference to those situations in which there could be the risk of unpleasant discomfort caused by sweat, both in terms of stains and odor

Among the characteristics of the O.Block garments, made with an innovative fabric created by Olimpia, we must certainly mention comfort and freedom of movement : in a nutshell, an authentic “must have” that must be present neither in the wardrobe at home nor in the travel luggage of every man.

The assortment includes very comfortable briefs and boxers, a V-neck t-shirt or a crew neck in the classic white, gray and black colors , all of which can be purchased easily online directly of the Olympia Shop 1960.


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