Donald Trump has launched a new threat to Italy and to France: if the two countries impose the digital tax on America, Trump will introduce duties at 100%. A real commercial battle that was played by the American president during a NATO summit in London. The American president is ready to introduce duties to France from next January for a total amount of 2.4 million dollars. For its part, the government of beyond the Alps, he prepared a digital tax that hits giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon. Any European country that intends to follow this route will be severely hit by the US government

Trump threatens France and Italy

The representative of the US Commerce, Robert Lighthizer, warned Europe about the next moves of the American president. “The United States will act against web tax regimes that discriminate or impose disproportionate burdens on American companies”. Trump's threat affects not only France, but also Italy, Turkey and Austria. The consequence of the digital tax imposed on the web giants, in fact, will involve the birth of duties at 100% from next January 2020 .

Times are limited: the final decision must arrive by 14 January, otherwise the sanctions will start. Paris has already prepared a draft of web tax (with a 3% rate) against Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon but Trump is waiting for a face to face with Macron . According to the United States, in fact, the digital tax is a discriminatory regime against web giants and American companies : for this it is unacceptable. After taxation at 25% on wines imposed last month, new duties on champagne, bags and other goods could arrive French luxury.


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