In the last few years, shopping online has become the ideal solution for those who do not have the time or desire to spend time in physical stores. There are few people who have never made purchases on the web, perhaps because they still have some fear. What is the secret to making no mistake?

The secret to shopping online

The online shopping , today more than ever, is a purchase method used by many people. While some time ago, there were very few those who ventured into the web in search of business, today it is normal to spend a few hours navigating on Amazon, Zalando or Westwing. Compared to a physical store, online shopping has many positive points in its favor: no queues at the checkout, zero crowded stores, no order with breath on the neck and no embarrassment in wanting to add or remove some garment / item once you arrive at the checkout . As if that were not enough, online business can really be done. Obviously, in addition to the pros, there are also some cons: the garment or the object of our desires cannot be touched, you can't try it and if we had to change it, it would take longer. However, there are some tricks that we can follow so that online shopping is perfect and the cons become the pros. First of all, even if we cannot touch or try the product, we can carefully read the descriptions . Of course, it's not the same thing, but it's still a way to get around the problem and get an idea of ​​the goods we want to buy.

The return problem

The problem rendered deserves a separate discussion, above all because this concept has changed a lot over time. If in physical stores it is increasingly difficult to change a product, especially if you lose the receipt, online is becoming easier. First, you don't have paper receipts to keep and everything is recorded on our smartphone, so we don't risk losing anything. A second detail not to be overlooked is the return policies, which in recent times have become much more streamlined . Not only that, Graham Best, CEO of ReBOUND, who manages the returns of ASOS, PrettyLittleThing and Missguided, revealed that the best customers are really those who make returns more often. Because? Simple: those who return goods more often can better understand the fit and sizes of different brands. For this reason, those who ask for a change of goods will then be more inclined to purchase online. In short, the fundamental secret is one: shopping on the web as if we were shopping in a physical store . While some time ago, companies were afraid of so-called “fraudulent returns”, that is the return of a dress only after having used it, today they have understood that this happens only in 2% of the cases. In short, now that the secret to follow has been unveiled, all that remains is to put your hand in your wallet, or rather your credit card.


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