An armed guard opened fire near a high school in the USA : a boy from 17 years. The episode occurred in the last hours at the Waukesha South High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The wounded boy was immediately helped by medical personnel: his condition is stable. From what we learn, the young man had gone inside the institute armed with a pistol. After being invited to depose the weapon by the security agents , the 17 enne instead pointed the gun at the guard. However, before he could shoot he was neutralized by the guard himself

Usa, school shooting

Nth shooting in a high school of Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA. Un boy of 17 years had been stopped by an armed guard after discovering that the young man owned a gun. To betray his friend had been a companion who had warned the agents of the weapon. The 17 enne was ordered to depose the weapon, but did not obey. Thus, the agent was forced to open fire against the young man who was shot. The incident happened Monday, December 2. All the teachers and other students, meanwhile, had barricaded themselves in the classrooms and had followed the established procedures of safety. The boy who was injured was transferred to the emergency room: his condition would be stable. There would be no other people involved

The story of the Police

“The suspect – reported Russell Jack, the chief of police – he would not have taken his hands from his pockets and continued to ignore the commands of the officers. Furthermore, he removed the pistol from his belt and pointed it at them. An agent was forced to open fire, hitting the boy “. We do not know what happened later. Some believe the boy was arrested.


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