Rain boots are a must have for the cold season, whether you live in the country or live in the city. There is nothing worse, in fact, than to find oneself soaked in the middle of the morning and have no way of drying them until evening. The solution at hand and absolutely chic is to buy a pair of rain boots that have that touch of glamor that matches a well-kept office outfit.

Rain boots: pros and cons

Rain boots are manufactured in hard rubber, for this reason they are not the maximum of comfort nor of refinement in terms of style. However, they have the enormous merit of being practically indestructible, of effectively keeping the feet dry with any weather condition and to be completely and easily washable with a little hot water and a little dish soap.

As for the style, fortunately the big fashion brands have decided to put themselves to the test also redesigning the rain galoshes and managing to transform them, in most cases, into pleasant shoes and stylish, able to complete a flawless look like any pair of leather boots.

The best models of rain boots

Just like any other type of boot, the rain boots are produced in different models: with or without heels, with high or very low legs, with a close or rather wide fit

From the point of view of functionality it is always better to opt for narrow-leg models, thus avoiding the passage of water and mud through the upper opening of the boot. This kind of boots should be worn mainly with leggings and tights which are now also produced in thermal versions, able to keep your legs warm even in the coldest months without giving up glamor at all.


Boots with wider legs can be worn using them jeans and trousers instead of leggings, so they are better suited to those who don't feel at ease with the skirt.


Ankle rain boots

The ankle rain boots to be used mainly when the weather has already passed but the roads are still full of mud have also become very popular. and puddles. These boots are able to protect the foot very well, but they cannot keep the calves safe from mud splashes and heavy rain: always keep it in mind when choosing whether to buy them or not

Moncler Boots with heel or without?

In most cases the rain boots have a trekking sole, which allows you not to slip on the wet asphalt or on the heaps of dry leaves that crowd together on the sides of the roads. Some models prefer a rather high heel, perfect for women who do not intend to give up a few inches of height even with the most adverse weather conditions: a perfect example is the bicolor model by Chloé.


For those who like to have their feet almost flat, lower and more comfortable models are available, very similar to rain boots for children.



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