Directly from Buckingham Palace news is received regarding what will happen in the moment of the death of Queen Elizabeth . At the Court, a plan for communicating the news to all the subjects was drawn up in minute detail: in London, a series of linked episodes will take place that will aim to get the death notice to most possible subjects, even to those who are flying by plane

Queen Elizabeth: the plan for death

When the English regent passes away, the first to give the news will be a servant of Buckingham Palace , who dressed in mourning, will come out of building and posting a notice to the outside announcing the death of the sovereign The Buckingham Palace website will change color and all content will be deleted temporarily to make room for the funeral announcement. A radio alarm will then be activated, very similar to the one that passes during the war, while the BBC will suspend all programming to investigate the news. The pilots on the planes will also have the task of communicating the news to on-board personnel and passengers.

The alarm song

According to an indiscretion released by the BBC producer Chris Price , should the English listen to the song “ Haunted Dancehall (Nursey Remix) of Sabers of Paradise it is good that they start to worry. The track would in fact be the warning signal that something terrible has just happened.


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