New attack on the press in Russia, after President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing to declare journalists and bloggers as “ foreign agents “. The new standard will allow labeling with the wording that the USSR used for spies not only legal persons but also natural persons working with the media . The decision was described by various members of the press and human rights activists as a tactic to further stem the criticism of Putin's government. The open letter with which over 60 has proved to be important journalists, writers and activists urged President Putin not to sign the law.

Putin's law against foreign journalists

In the open letter written to the number one of the Kremlin we read how “the label of foreign agent discredits a person in the eyes of his fellow citizens and denigrates his dignity despite the fact that he did nothing wrong or illegal and did not execute the will of any foreign employer “. The Russian law on foreign agents was enacted after the major anti-Putin protests dating back seven years, in 2012, and which had as its objective the NGOs. The same law was then subjected to revisions in 2017, when in the list of foreign agents the newspapers also joined.

In the list had already ended titles such as Radio Free Europe and Voice of America , respectively funded by the US Congress. According to the ranking of Reporter sans frontier on the freedom of the press in the world, Russia is at 149 th place on 180.


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