A sad story of abuse arrives from the United States which has as its protagonist a professor of Houston , in the state of Texas, accused of having had relations with one of his gay students in an attempt to cure him of homosexuality . The center of the event is over 51 enne Tedria Fluellen , who for over a year allegedly abused a student 16 at the Worthington High School, where the same Fluellen worked as an assistant teacher

Professor has relationships with a gay student

According to what was reconstructed by the local police, the first abuse took place one day 2018 in which the young man went to the woman's home to help her move objects out of her garage and to do her schoolwork. Taking advantage of the situation, the professor would then have tried to make advances explicitly telling him that he should not have been gay . Apparently, it also appears that the woman stunned the young man with alcohol and drug cocktails so that the latter was unable to react.

According to the boy's words he and the woman would have had relations four times , including one in the teacher's car parked in front of their school. To notice the abuses would have been the boy's grandmother , who after having discovered sexually explicit conversations in his nephew's phone immediately alerted the authorities by helping to trigger a complaint and the subsequent arrest for the teacher.

The school's comment

Immediately alerted about the incident, the school management of Worthington High School issued a statement in which it comments: “We are aware that a former school employee was arrested and charged. We are currently cooperating fully with the district attorney's office of Harris County. Keeping our students safe and the campus in order to allow a productive education remains the highest priority of the district “. Currently 51 enne Tedria Fluellen is detained in the county jail of Harris and may eventually exit only upon payment of a deposit of 40 thousand dollars .


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