A bad smell of burning coming from the hood of the car, accompanied by smoke and some strange noises. These are the signs that made a woman suspicious of Pittsburgh , in the United States . Holly Persic , had just parked the car when she began to notice strange noises and odors near the bonnet of the car.

Bad smell from the hood, calls her husband

The woman, after seeing the smoke, decided to consult her husband by telephone, probably fearing damage to the engine. The man encouraged her to open the hood, to understand what the problem could be. Neither of them would have ever expected the show that showed itself to the woman's eyes as soon as she opened the hood.

A carpet of grass and brushwood , so big that it covered the entire engine, inside which they were hidden and kept of the nuts . Some squirrels had in fact chosen the hood of the car as a perfect hiding place for their winter stocks of nuts . Once in motion, the car's engine caused the dry grass to heat up too much to cause the column of smoke that alerted the woman.

“The squirrels were very fast, they did everything in a few hours during the night. These are things that can happen when you park your car outside in the autumn and winter months, after this experience I can only advise everyone to check often, if not every day, the inside of the bonnet. I know it can also happen that small wild animals sneak inside the bonnets, to shelter from the cold thanks to the heat of the engine, “he declared Chris , the husband of the woman involved in the strange story

Bad smell from the car, how to solve

Squirrels are not the only ones able to cause damage and bad smells to cars. Whatever the problem, from the nest created by wild animals to the filth of our faithful four-legged friends, cleaning the interior of your car is always easier thanks to so many products on the market . Many products are now so highly specialized as to make professional even a do-it-yourself car cleaning .


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