Really curious (to say the least) what happened in the United States of America to a man of 46 years stopped by the Police for drunk driving . So far, nothing so strange, but everything changes when the 46 enne claims not to have taken any alcoholic beverage. At first, the forces of the order find it hard to believe, even if medical studies have (only later) confirmed a disorder called intestinal fermentation syndrome, a condition that involves the presence of high quantities of blood ethanol due to the automatic fermentation of starches by the digestive system. “ This diagnosis must be taken into consideration in all cases where there are positive manifestations of toxicity but alcohol intake is denied “, declared the competent medical personnel.

From drunkenness to diagnosis

The case was subjected to specific studies by the BMJ Open Gastroenterology , an American structure that has ascertained and diagnosed with the rare disorder of 46 enne. It took a good four years before reaching this medical resolution, the stop of the police was decisive. As has been revealed by the health tests that the man underwent, the intestine housed a colony of fungi, including Saccharomyces cerevisiae, known as brewer's yeast which caused the presence of alcohol detected by the Police at the control . From a purely medical point of view, as has been explained by experts in the field, the aforementioned colonies of fungi present consume carbohydrates to produce energy instead of oxygen, producing ethanol. Once the diagnosis was made, the doctors intervened trying to bring the values ​​back to normal through the administration of antifungal drugs and probiotics.


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