Saskia Jones , a former Cambrige student of 23 years, is the second victim of the attack on London Bridge . The young woman was killed along with Jack Merritt in the hall where the conference on the rehabilitation of the condemned took place. Like the 25 enne, the girl was also part of the university project “Learning together”. In the academic program there was a list of formation meetings organized by the criminology institute that united students and prisoners. On one of these occasions, the two young graduates lost their lives.

London Bridge attack: second victim

Jack Merritt was a project coordinator Learning together , while Saskia Jones worked there as a volunteer. Both university graduates from Cambridge and both died in the attack on the London Brigde: 23 enne, in fact, is the second victim. The parents of 23 remember her as a student with “a wonderful thirst for knowledge”. Her passion for criminology had led her to that conference which saw some prisoners in rehabilitation as guests. Among these was the bomber Usman Khan. But Saskia “had a wonderful sense of fun – the parents continued – and was generous enough to always want to see the best in all people”.

The vice-rector of Cambridge University, Stephen Toope, reported that some of the university's collaborators were among the wounded. In that occasion, in fact, the five years of the project had to be celebrated. “What should have been a joyous occasion to celebrate the results of this unique and socially important program – the vice-rector added – was instead interrupted by a indescribable criminal act “.


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