Kate and Melania were the undisputed protagonists, at least from the point of view of style, during the reception at the Palace of Windsor organized by Queen Elizabeth in occasion of the 70th anniversary of NATO. Kate welcomed all the most important politicians in the world alongside Elizabeth and proved to be perfectly at the height of the role

Kate and Melania style queens

It is very difficult not to disfigure posing for official photographs alongside Melania Trump. The American First Lady is a contemporary style icon, always absolutely flawless and always terribly modern

Just the modernity of the style of Melania Trump was an element of strong break during the traditional reception to which the Queen's guests took part.

Melania Trump appeared at court with a yellow overcoat from the open sleeves that formed a sort of cloak. From the openings of the overcoat tight magenta-colored sleeves perfectly matched with the vertiginous shoes with stiletto heels that Melania usually wears with the utmost ease

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Kate Middleton adopted for the occasion a dress by Emilia Wickstead of a bright green solid. Kate's style, as always on official occasions, is sober, essential and completely respectful of tradition

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With slightly puffed sleeves at shoulder height and tight collar to wrap her throat, Kate seemed to have come out of a fashion magazine of the past.

Examination by Regina passed

It was not difficult to notice that Kate Middleton chose a dress of the same color as the one worn by Elizabeth II. The idea transmitted through the symbolism of the color is extremely clear: Kate Middleton is the future Queen of England, since Camilla Parker Bowles will probably only be a Consort Princess as happened to Prince Philip for the entire duration of his marriage. This choice will be due not only to the fact that Camilla has been at the center of many scandals while Diana was still alive but also to the fact that for his advanced age Carlo will probably be a Crown Regent before handing over authority to William.

Kate, who is preparing for the difficult role that will be her, has also demonstrated at the last reception of the palace, to be perfectly up to the task and not to be intimidated even by the absence of William.

The Duke of Cambridge and future King of England, in fact, is engaged overseas in an official journey that led him to visit Oman to forge diplomatic relations with Arab countries

The absence of Harry and Meghan

Great absentees of the evening Harry and Meghan, who in the past have also “boycotted” other events attended by the American President Trump and his beautiful wife

It seems that the absence has always been due to a precise will of Meghan that Harry wanted completely to make his own. The Queen probably didn't like it


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