Fear in Jersey City, where towards 12: 40 local time there was a shooting that led to the death of six people. Several others were later injured, including three law enforcement officers, the two suspected of having opened fire and a civilian

Shootout in Jersey City

According to the initial information received from the local media, two people near the cemetery would have started the shooting, who later moved to Luther King Drive near Bidwell Avenue, a Jewish management supermarket. The police would then settle on the roofs of the surrounding buildings to try to neutralize them, which actually happened after at least five hours.

But not before an officer and three others were injured in the scuffle, together with several other citizens whose number is still unknown. The victim's personal details are already known: Joseph Seals, married and father of five children

Poliziotto morto sparatoria Gersey City

It was then decided to armor at least twelve schools located in the surroundings to prevent the two attackers from entering and carrying out a killing. These were reopened only at 16: 15, as announced via Twitter. The officials assured that it would not be terrorism.

Democratic governor Phil Murphy spoke on the matter, expressing a thought and a prayer for the police officers involved in the shooting, for the residents and for the pupils. “The story reminds us of the courage and sacrifice that they and their families have had towards our communities,” he added. He then claimed to have full confidence in the security sector to resolve the situation quickly.


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