A toxic foam covered the beach in Chennai in India . The images that come from Asia are frightening: children but also boys play with foam diving in and throwing it at you

In India a toxic foam covers the beach

After the toxic mist in New Delhi caused by a strong high pressure field, now also the foam. The beach of Marina Beach in Chennai, in the south-eastern part of India was covered with toxic foam waves .

I children after seeing the foam arrive they thought of entering and playing with it completely ignoring however that this is highly toxic. The white foam depends on the increase in uncontrolled industrial discharges in the waters of the rivers that cause this unusual reaction in contact with water. For the climate and the environment, many have criticized Greta Thunberg for never speaking of China and India.

From the waves in fact nobody had warned families or children to stay away from them because dangerous then unconsciously the latter thought it was a completely natural phenomenon . A local pollution control official simply reported to the Indian Express newspaper that the authorities “hope that the pollutants in the water will subside within a day or two”

The previous

During the celebrations of the Chhath Puja, a very important regional religious event for the Indian community, the faithful found themselves praying by the thousands in the waters of the sacred Yamuna river completely immersed in the foam.


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