How to dress at Christmas is the dilemma facing anyone who has an active social life and who in the hectic time of the holidays finds himself having to juggle with a series of extremely different commitments that require a specific dress code: here are some tips to be always perfect

How to dress at Christmas (without going crazy)?

The basic idea of ​​Christmas is to reunite with friends and relatives celebrating the pleasure of being together in an atmosphere full of joy and harmony. The very word “harmony” should make the most style-conscious ears prick up, since the worst mistake a fashionista can make is choosing the wrong look for the wrong occasion.

To avoid being imprinted in the memory of relatives for a shirt that is too low-cut or in that of colleagues for a too sloppy look at the company dinner, the strategy is one: harmonizing with the environment in which the event will take place and enter “in tune” with the people and the atmosphere that will animate it .

How to dress at dinner with relatives?

The last thing you want to hear during lunch or Christmas dinner with relatives are the complaints of elderly aunts or grandmothers attentive to the label who do not appreciate the outfit you have chosen to participate in the traditional meeting with the rest of the family

The best way to avoid them is choose classic garments, avoid lurex, leatherette and all the other materials that would be more suitable for a party in disco and try in every way to play the part of the good girl without giving up your own personality

Absolutely yes to cardigan with buttons and pleated skirts or a more casual combination with skinny jeans and Christmas sweater , to add a note of fun and self-irony

How to dress to meet friends

Even if the whole city shines, during the Christmas holidays, and we are terribly tempted to the idea of ​​shining ourselves too, when we meet friends for a very nice exchange of gifts it is good not exaggerate, so as not to give the impression that you want to obscure the others or that you want to distinguish at all costs.

Excellent casual looks, with jeans and a little low-cut sweaters , perhaps illuminated by a few sparkling notes or a particular jewel. Yes to boots or amphibians, better to avoid high-heeled shoes (especially if you plan to take a walk before or after the aperitif).

Cocktails and company parties

If the office is organizing a small Christmas party it is almost necessary to dress themed for the occasion. Depending on the atmosphere you breathe among the desks, you can opt for accessories that cannot be proposed, such as reindeer horns, or for a sober but elegant cardigan embroidered with snowflakes, perhaps completing it with a knee-length skirt and a pair of elegant shoes

If instead the company organizes a real dinner, with a lot of final party for a happy new year, then the word order is to shine and to show off all its elegance: shoes with jewel appliqués, snug little dresses, high heels, sparkling make-up and a particular hairstyle, perhaps with a big bow full of glitter


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