There are many occasions when women want to feel neither too elegant nor too casual. Equally numerous, however, are the tricks that help us create an elegant casual outfit . Just focus on the right colors, without forgetting the right shoes and matching accessories.

Casual-elegant outfits: colors and fabrics

For elegant casual we mean something elegant but not exaggerated, or that we can wear even in everyday life . A passepartout, in practice, that is good for the office but also for going out with friends or partner.

For both fabrics and colors the rule of mix & match , that is to go to mix i colors and shades to create a casual outfit, but which can also be considered elegant. The darker shades like blue and black, considered particularly elegant, will be mixed with pastel shades

The classic oufit

The classic outfit informal that we use for the day, with lots of colors like brown, but also gray and beige, will be linked to soft colors typical of the party and the ceremony. The colors like pink, blue, green in many facets, but also floral patterns will be fine

Using an elegant casual outfit means, for example, combining the usual and classic office pants with a floral or pastel-colored blouse instead of a plain shirt or shirt. This way you go to mix two different things together to get a perfect outfit. A simple blue or gray pullover will be visibly embellished, therefore, by a light and bright skirt


Creating a casual-elegant outfit with pants is not difficult. It can be combined with very elegant trousers, for example the one from tailleur , to a sweater with pastel colors or a very youthful blouse. This will be embellished for example by embroidery or floral prints. Alternatively, you can use a type of trousers jeans , then informal, going to match it with a shirt or a particularly elegant blouse, like a ceremony. In both cases we will have a mixed look, which highlights some casual traits, going to match them with elegant ones

outfit casual elegante

The skirt

Here too we have two alternatives, both very valid. You can choose a very elegant skirt, like a sheath dress ceremony style and combine it with a shirt or a shirt that we use in everyday life. Alternatively, you can combine a (not too elegant) skirt with a formal shirt or blouse or jacket style. Both options will be valid to look fashionable and always have an impeccable look both in the office and at an aperitif with friends.

It is certainly not necessary to change the whole wardrobe or buy many garments, to always be on top with an elegant casual style: it is enough to have some elegant clothes and some casual clothes and to know how to mix them properly . All this, perhaps with the help of suitable shoes and accessories. These will make you even more at the top.


For a casual chic style, many people combine very elegant clothes with the sneakers , that is the very common sneakers. It may be a good idea, especially if the person in question is very young. Other people instead combine a casual look with very elegant shoes . This is done to mix everything while achieving a casual yet elegant style

outfit casual elegante

When to wear a casual-elegant outfit

Given the wide versatility of this style , it is possible to wear this look as many times as you want. Starting from the university up to the office, going through leisure time. Any occasion can be good for wearing this type of outfit. With the casual elegant style, in fact, you are never really wrong and you are always perfect.

The casual-elegant look also allows you to choose items in a particular way. A classic t-shirt for example, if in voile fabric, it becomes much lighter and graceful and can also be used for a particular occasion. You can also choose an item of clothing elegant in the model but with a casual fabric, or denim.


Finally, we see the right kind of accessory for an elegant casual outfit. Combining an elegant and brilliant accessory with ripped jeans for example, the effect will be very different. Think, for example, of a statement necklace , of very elegant shoes, of a bag full of sequins . Or to some particularly elegant sunglasses . In this way, through the use of a single accessory it is possible to radically change from a casual style to an elegant casual style. All this, without going to upset our wardrobe.

The aim of the elegant casual style is to be impeccable in every occasion. It is not necessary to overdo it, it is enough to pay particular attention to the details

The casual-elegant style, therefore, provides for attention to the smallest detail . Whether it's a particularly sophisticated bag, a nice bow on a shirt or hair, a mix of fabrics and colors or a pair of elegant sunglasses

The elegant casual style is becoming more and more popular in everyday fashion. The style is very trendy in fashion bloggers . Thinking of Chiara Ferragni, for example, we can well understand how she manages to combine elegant elements with sporting ones.


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