The little Loki Sharp died at the age of 2 in an attempt to save his little dog from a fire in the house. The house in Arkansas has in fact been enveloped in flames, and the child's first thought was to bring the little animal to safety. Unfortunately the flames got the better of them and the rescuers found them in the rubble, embraced dead.

Fire in the house

Little Loki was away from home with his parents when the three realized that the flames were enveloping their home . Mother and father then did their best to call for help and try to extinguish the flames, but during a moment of distraction the child entered the house in an attempt to bring his little dog to safety . The parents tried to pull him back from the flames and in turn entered the house, but the fire did not allow him. There was nothing more to be done about the arrival of help for the child

Dead embraced by the dog

Upon arrival of the rescue, the fire brigade tamed the flames and then entered the house. The child was lying on the ground lifeless and the little dog was above him as if he were trying to protect him. The police are investigating to clarify the causes of the fire that could reside in a fault in the electrical system .


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