“Revenge is a dish that should be served cold”: one might think this, about a story of treason that happened in the US. A woman discovered her husband's infidelity thanks to a gastronomic review published by Tom Sietsema in the Washington Post

The culinary critic writes in the famous US newspaper a column dedicated to food and cooking in general, with reviews of the rooms in which it is located. And in an article about a restaurant, a woman discovered her husband's betrayal. In the newspaper, in fact, a photo was published that shows two customers intent on dining in the restaurant. The man in the photo was the husband of the reader who recognized him.

He betrays his wife: she finds out about him in the newspaper

The woman wanted to comment on the story with a series of messages, then posted by the critic on Twitter. “Thanks Tom” , reads “your last gastronomic criticism is accompanied by a photo of my husband having dinner with a woman who is not me. Faced with photographic evidence, he confessed to having a relationship. I thought you would have enjoyed knowing the role you played in this drama. Everything happened on Thanksgiving, I am grateful for having reported an infidel “.

At the beginning Tom Sietsema showed incredulous and hoped it was one joke : “Please tell me you are kidding me. I would not like to have been the cause of a problem “ replied. When he realized that his reader was serious about it, he tried to figure out what the offending photo was: “I do two reviews a week, one for the Food column and the other for the Magazine, so I'm not sure which restaurant it is ”. Then he added: “Traitors, pay attention!”

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