Gucci founded its brand image on ethical and environmental sustainability of its products. In favor of women's rights when the subject was not yet mainstream, in favor of workers in a sector in which wild exploitation is on the agenda , Gucci also renews 2019 a series of commitments aimed at improving the world of fashion and, indirectly, the world in which we live.

Gucci against the exploitation of women

The fashion and high fashion sector is unfortunately one of the productive sectors in which workers' rights and women in particular are mostly mistreated

Especially in countries outside the European Union and in particular in those of the Far East, the cases of exploitation of female and child labor they are innumerable and always difficult to identify.

Precisely to combat the phenomenon and ensure its employees a safe and controlled work space, Gucci has implemented very strict verification policies regarding working conditions of its employees and theirs treatment by the owners of the production plants

In addition to this, Gucci proudly fights for the environmental protection, fine-tuning year after year production techniques that aim to minimize the polluting emissions and the environmental consequences of fashion production

Support for UNICEF

Over the years Gucci has chosen exceptional partners to successfully conduct its humanitarian battles. Of all, the Unicef, is certainly worthy of mention, to which Gucci has always exercised a very important role of economic support.

The maison has created and marketed a series of products created specifically to provide economic support to Unicef ​​and its many initiatives. Through its commercial operations, Gucci has donated over 5 million and a half euros.

The partnership started in 2005 and every year, in the last 14 years, Gucci has supported education and health in underdeveloped countries through substantial donations, the fight against hunger and the prevention of the most widespread diseases in the poorest countries, such as HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Give yourself the luxury of being ethical

It is a common opinion that the world of luxury, in all its forms, is light years away from the concrete problems of the less fortunate people of the planet. It is also common opinion that in most cases the big names do not pose environmental ethics problems to maximize profits and produce the largest possible quantity of goods at the lowest price and time

Fortunately brands like Gucci are showing that changing the sensitivity of the richest sections of the population is possible. Anna Wintour, sided in favor of respecting the environment and buying quality fashion that is durable and sustainable. historical director of Vogue America and a major player in the world fashion world

Wintour encouraged consumers (especially those who can afford it) to buy good quality clothes produced by companies able to pay attention to the very delicate environmental and social issues that are coming to the attention of the world in recent years.


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