Diletta Leotta was godmother of the Grand Gala of Football 2019: wrapped in a wonderful shining pearl gray dress made everyone's head spin and was forgiven for a very bad gaffe against Inter goalkeeper.

Diletta Leotta and the queen's dress

The last few years have been the source of great professional satisfactions for Diletta Leotta, who has earned in the hearts of viewers and fans Italians of football the title of queen of sports journalism. It seems to be inspired by the look of a queen (bad) of fairy tales the wonderful pearl gray dress that Diletta chose to wear for the Gran Galà del Calcio 2019, famous annual event held in Milan and bringing together leading figures of national football

The evening dress was down to the feet in a soft straight cut that caressed the sides of Diletta going down to touch the floor. On the shoulders two applications of feathers of the same color of the dress “distracted” the gaze of the observers even if without too much results.

The very deep V-neckline was in fact the true protagonist of Diletta Leotta's look for the Gran Galà del Calcio 2019: the dress left little to the imagination and Diletta chose not to wear any type of linen.

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The gaffe with Handanovic

During the event Diletta behaved in a more than excellent way, however she ran into one of those gaffes that do not spare even the most experienced professionals

The presenter introduced the Nerazzurri goalkeeper Samir Handanovic and welcomed him “encouraging” him first time on the stage of the Grand Gala. It is a pity that this year was not the first time for Samir Handanovic, who was awarded two times during the gala of the last few years, reaching a total of three.

The goalkeeper immediately pointed out to the presenter the bad gaffe against him, but after the arrow it seems as if a reason has been made:

Actually it is the third time … I see that you are well informed. Do nothing, I apologize!

That the goalkeeper has decided to excuse the beautiful Diletta thanks to the neckline with which she welcomed him on stage? Certainly no one has pointed a finger at the Leotta for this small diplomatic incident, since in a dense catwalk like that of the Gala it is normal to make a bit of confusion.

Beloved without a boyfriend: absent from the Gala

For some time now Diletta Leotta has been pairing with boxer Daniele Scardina, who however does not appear in the evening's photographs. The two were very clear about managing their couple's privacy and said they wanted to keep the best moments in their history for themselves. No wonder then that Diletta has paraded on the red carpet alone, without Scardina


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