Daniela Carrasco is the young woman 36 who became the symbol of protests that are being recorded in Chile in this period. The woman, known as “El Mimo” was in fact found dead last 20 October hanged from a tree . At first there was talk of suicide, but some women's committees would have re-launched their hypothesis: Daniela would have been raped and tortured to death to become an example and a warning to all women who are taking part in the demonstrations.

Daniela Carrasco: who was “El Mimo”

“El Mimo” has become the symbol of the protest in Chile. 36 enne took to the streets and was captured by the police on 19 October. The next day, his body was found lifeless, hanging from a tree, torn apart by the violence suffered. Almost a month after the events, the family received from the authorities the expertise carried out on the body of the young woman: in the official documentation we speak of suicide without ever mentioning the possibility that the woman died at the hands of someone. The feminist family, friends and committees have therefore rebelled against this verdict, calling for justice

The protests in Chile

Chile has been the scene of a series of protests against public service costs for 4 weeks now . The demonstration progressively assumed ever greater dimensions that forced the police to intervene also through the use of force . President Pinera himself condemned the police for not respecting the rights of human beings. Just behind such reckless use of violence could be the cause of the death of Daniela Carrasco.


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