Tragedy in the USA, where a child of six died after falling from a snowplough and was crushed by the wheels of the vehicle. The incident occurred last 29 November in the state of Utah and starring the little Herman Slaughter . According to the reconstruction of the event, the child was sitting on the vehicle together with his father and older brother, when due to the jolting of the ground he ended up out of the cockpit, losing his life almost instantly.

Child falls from a snow plow in the USA

Discount as reported by local police forces, the child was on the snow plow together with his father who was using it to clear a field located in the town of Provo Canyon . However, due to the continuous jolts of the vehicle, little Herman fell outside and ended up swept away by the vehicle itself

In the fall, the child suffered fatal head injuries which resulted in his subsequent death. In this regard the immediate resuscitation maneuvers practiced by Herman's father pending the arrival of the rescuers and the Fire Brigade were of no use. The child in fact died instantly

The words of the sheriff

Commenting on the tragic event, the sheriff of Utah County Spencer Cannon stated: “There is nothing to add. It was just another terrible accident “. The paramedics who arrived at the scene, who could not help but notice Herman's death, also claimed how the child's wounds were too severe to be saved .


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