The last episode of Live-Non è la D’Urso was really crackling. The many guests gave us trash curtains that immediately became viral on social media. In all this, a detail that has not gone completely unnoticed is the look chosen by Barbara to tackle more than 5 hours of live coverage. Social media has literally exploded and some comments are hilarious

Barbara D’Urso: the look at Live

As we have known for years now, it is difficult for Barbara D’Urso to choose sober looks. Since he started conducting Live, then, he has reached peaks that we could define as stellar. His clothes have only one rule: they must absolutely have sequins . For the rest, Carmelita agrees to show off everything that is offered to her: from mini dresses to long ones, passing through trousers and paw. For the last appointment with It is not the D’Urso , the Neapolitan presenter chose an outfit that drove all her fans crazy. Barbara opted for a very short dress of silver sequins with stiletto heels. Nothing so extravagant, if it weren't for the chosen accessory, or a nice bracelet of black feathers . It must be said that it is impossible not to notice it and, not surprisingly, it is the first detail that catches the eye. The social media, to say the least, immediately filled with comments.

The reaction of the web

The dress chosen by Barbara for the last episode of Live-Non is the D'Urso has nothing special, so it is more than normal that I chose to play with accessories. The black feather bracelet has definitely captured the attention of viewers and we can admit that it is the least sober there can be. Before entering live, Carmelita made the usual “sharing” of the look chosen with Instagram followers and the comments are varied: there are those who approved the choice and those who criticized it. Among those who love it always and in any case reads: “Woow … beautiful bracelet with feather” or “You are the beauty” or again “Beautiful as usual”. Those who did not like the outfit wrote: “Maybe you can adapt with long dresses, given the age and seen the season no longer summer … you look in a bikini … do you know the good taste? “ or ” What is that mouse wrist? “ or again ” Do you have a cat on your arm? “. In short, as always Carmelita has both people who appreciate her in any capacity and people who can't even see her walking. Having said that, we must be objective: D’Urso, even if it sometimes shows off excessive looks, has beautiful legs, so why should it hide them if it still has perfect ones? Barbarella is a volcano, it doesn't care about criticism and goes on its way: maybe this is its strength.

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