After the London attack, the London Bridge reopens. From a tourist and transit place, it has become sadly known as the scene of a attack that struck the city in the heart. While people were unleashed in unbridled shopping, the tragedy took place on London Bridge: two people died under the blows of Khan

Attack in London: London Bridge reopens

The December 2 , the commemoration ceremony of the two victims of the terrorist attack on the bridge: Jack Merritt, 25 years, and Saskia Jones , 23. Both were working on a prison recovery project promoted by the University of Cambridge.

The ceremony was celebrated by a female bishop of the Anglican Church. Present above all the family members of the victims , the British premier Boris Johnson ei political leaders of any orientation. But also the Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan, and the commander of Scotland Yard, Cressida Dick . Also present was a delegation from the University of Cambridge. Following the ceremony, the London Bridge was reopened to traffic

The killer brought terror back to the center of London is Usman Khan ha 28 years. He decided to take action bringing panic and death to one of the busiest afternoons for the British capital , that of Black Friday , and perhaps the choice was not accidental.

A first alarm arrived at 14 on Friday 29 November with the first intervention of the patrols, while some brave passers-by had already launched themselves on the attacker to stop him. The law enforcement officers then plated and shot the assassin.

A few hours after the attack on London Bridge, the fear also arrived in the shopping streets in the Netherlands . Three people were injured by an attack on the Hague, which however seems not to be attributable to a terrorist act.


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