Alarm in Burkina Faso , where around the hours 12 of December 1st 14 people died in an attack inside a Protestant church in Hantoukoura, Komandjoari province. According to reports in the international media, the attack was carried out by a jihadist terrorist code linked to Al-Qaeda . A commando composed of 12 people would have in fact raided the church during a function by killing the faithful present

Attack on a church in Burkina Faso

According to some local sources women would have been spared and the victims of the massacre would therefore be all male, including several children as well as the pastor of the religious community . Currently the local authorities have proceeded to start a mopping up operation in order to trace and identify the perpetrators of the attack, who fled on board some motorcycles .

As soon as the news was heard, the governorate of the Fada 'n Gourma region, on the border with Niger, issued the following statement: “A Protestant church in Hantoukoura, in the department of Foutouri, on the border with Niger, province of Komondjarie, was the victim of a deadly attack perpetrated by unidentified armed men “.

Attacks against Christians

In the last period the attacks against Christian communities, both Catholic and Protestant, by local jihadist groups have increased considerably in Burkina Faso. Last 26 May 4 Catholics were killed in Toulfe while the 13 May 4 others lost their lives during a religious procession in the town of Zimtenga

The attacks by Islamic fundamentalists began about four years ago, but during this period they also had the opportunity to target Muslim individuals , including several imams


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