The Dutch police found 25 migrants locked in a refrigerated container located on a direct ferry in UK. Two of them were taken to hospital , the others 23 at a police station.

Migrants in a refrigerated container on a ferry

The ferry in question is the Britannia Seaways owned by the Dutch operator DFDS. The discovery that on board there were people crammed into a refrigerated container was made after, according to the shipping company, those same ones had managed to make a hole in a tent . At that point the forces of police were alerted that they arrived aboard the vehicle by their own boat and immediately returned the ferry to the port of Vlaardingen.

Various ambulances and dogs to find others hidden migrants, research that has given negative results. All 25 on board are alive and two of them were taken to hospital because of hypothermia . The others, as specified by the organization that coordinates the emergencies, received the necessary care at the port and were taken to a police station . Their origin is not yet clear nor how did they get on the ship.

The police informed that the driver of the container was arrested and will be questioned. For him the crime of trafficking in human beings is assumed. The discovery comes a few weeks after the one carried out in Essex where 39 Vietnamese migrants were found dead in a container from Belgium


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