What does Vikings Valhalla talk about? Plot and anticipations

At the beginning of the year news had arrived that Vikings would have reached a conclusion with its sixth season, but at the same time time, the universe created by Michael Hirst would have continued to live thanks to one spin off , which was then in the process of History. After the first news of last January, updates were no longer followed, until it was announced that it would be Netflix to take care of the new one series , entitled Vikings Valhalla . To deal with the project is still Michael Hirst , with the collaboration of Jeb Stuart and the team responsible for the almost complete mother series. The spin off will be shot in Ireland, exactly as it was for Vikings . But what is this new project about?

Deadline has already reported a general plot for the Netflix Vikings Valhalla series . The story is set about 100 years after the events with which the History show ends and reworks the most famous adventures Vikings : Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Harada and the Norman King William the Conqueror . These men and women will trace new paths as they struggle to survive in a constantly evolving Europe.

Vikings Valhalla promises to be all that the fans love about the saga: from heart-pounding, with complex characters that give rise to an uncontrollable action and WITH a dramatic narrative that sheds light on the family, loyalty and power.

These are the words of Channing Dungey , vice-president of the original series division of Netflix .

Cast, actors and characters

The Netflix series is still in its early stages, so we don't know anything about the characters protagonists of the stories, if not the names, much less what actors will enter to be part of the cast of Vikings Valhalla . Jeb Stuart and Michael Hirst will appear as executive producers of spin off , along with Morgan O'Sullivan, for MGM Television.

I am more than excited to announce the continuation of the Vikings saga. I know our millions of fans around the world will be thrilled that MGM and Netflix have shown their belief in our show so much. Jeb Stuart will bring new stories and a powerful and visceral vision of the events concerning some of the most famous Vikings ever.

He declared Michael Hirst .

Vikings Valhalla streaming and episodes of the spin off series

The number of episodes that Netflix has ordered for the series Vikings Valhalla , however Deadline speaks of a total of 24 , a figure that totally differs from the habits so far shown by the service with its others original titles. Once the show is uploaded to the platform we can also learn about the titles of the various episodes .

Turning instead to the possibility of using the series online, being an original content of Netflix , those interested will be able to see Vikings Valhalla in streaming without particular difficulties. It will be sufficient to avail, if not already owned, of a subscription to the service, which has the first five complete seasons in the catalog. Unfortunately the platform has once again removed the free trial period and it seems that it will hardly reintroduce it. Consequently to see the spin off of Vikings you will have to subscribe to one of the plans that Netflix provides.

Vikings Valhalla when it leaves: release date of the spin off series

In conclusion, what is the release date of the Netflix Vikings Valhalla series ? It seems to be still too early to know when this new show comes out Vikings spin off . To date, the service has not been expressed in this regard. We don't even know when the shooting should start. It is therefore difficult to hypothesize a debut for now. As soon as we have more precise information, we will not hesitate to update you. In the meantime, TIMVision provides a new episode of the sixth season of Vikings , starting from December 5.

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