What is Soundtrack about? Plot and anticipations

In December, Netflix gives its subscribers a TV series entitled Soundtrack . As the name suggests, the center of the narration is represented by the music, thanks to which the spectators can immerse themselves in the experiences of the protagonists and maybe even find themselves again. The story originates from an idea of ​​ Joshua Safran , also creator of Gossip Girl and Smash .

The musical show starts from the assumption that everyone has their own soundtrack, which is built up over the course of a lifetime. But what is this new project about Netflix about? The plot of the TV series Soundtrack revolves around the stories of love that connect a diverse group of people in contemporary Los Angeles. The story of their adventures and feelings of all the protagonists happens through the music that resounds in their hearts and in their minds

According to anticipations , themes such as love, loss and a revolutionary fortune are intertwined in TV series Soundtrack , focused on two artists in difficulty, while living life at full volume in that of LA

Soundtrack TV cast series: actors and characters

In cast of the TV series Soundtrack we find Jenna Dewan , become famous for the film Step Up and then moved to the small screen with Witches of East End and more recently with a secondary role in The Resident . The actress and dancer plays Joanna Kassem . Another name known to fans of TV series is that of Madeleine Stowe , the unforgettable Victoria Grayson in Revenge , which in this case plays the role of Margot Weston . Together with the two, in the cast of Soundtrack we also find the following actors with the respective characters :

  • Callie Hernandez ( Graves ) is Nellie O'Brien
  • Paul James ( The Path ) is Samson “Sam” Hughes
  • Campbell Scott ( House of Cards ) is Frank O'Brien
  • Megan Ferguson ( Hart of Dixie ) is Gigi Dumont
  • Jahmil French ( Degrassi: The Next Generation ) is Dante Mendoza
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste ( Without Trace ) is Annette Sands
  • Isaiah Edmonds Givens is Barry

La TV series Soundtrack is a production Annapurna Television, 20 th Century Fox Television and Fox 21 Television Studios . Joshua Safran , Megan Ellison, Sue Naegle, Ali Krug and Matt Woodall appear as executive producers.


Sing with sadness, sing with joy, sing from faith, because each of us has a soundtrack and tells the story of all those we loved

With these words, pronounced by Sam , the trailer for Soundtrack ends released by Netflix .

Soundtrack streaming and episodes

The first season of the show with Jenna Dewan consists of 10 episodes , each of the duration of 50 minutes approx. At the moment Netflix has not released any titles yet. We will get this information once the first season is loaded on the platform

Turning instead to the possibility of using the TV series online, being an original content of the Great N, the interested parties they will be able to see Soundtrack in streaming without particular difficulties. It will be sufficient to avail, if you do not already have it, of a subscription to the service. Unfortunately Netflix has again removed the free trial period. Consequently, to see the show you will have to subscribe to one of the plans that the platform foresees.

Soundtrack when released on Netflix: release date of the TV series

In conclusion, what is the release date of the TV series Soundtrack ? Being one of the shows whose debut is scheduled for December, it won't be long before those interested can access this new content. The title will be available from 18 December . As for the Italy , when the show comes out with Jenna Dewan ? The day is the same, since we are talking about one of the original novelties of Netflix .

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