1 Riverdale 4 × 03 advances, plot and promos of the third episode: Betty faces an extreme situation; Archie watches over the city.

In the night, in America it went aired the 4 × 02 of the teen drama with KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse . After a premiere totally dedicated to honoring Luke Perry , with this second episode the plot of the fourth season has finally started, which will lead us to discover the events that led to the last scene of the season final last. Next week a new episode awaits us, but before moving on to anticipations of Riverdale 4 × 03 , let's see together what happened during Fast Times at Riverdale High .

The last year of high school began for Archie, Betty, Jug and Veronica . While the first tries to lend a hand both to Mad Dog , convincing him to take the diploma, which to Reggie , advising him to find a dialogue with the violent father, Betty carries on his own collaboration with Charles to put a point to the Farm question and bring home Alice . Jughead , instead, is contacted by the teacher of a prestigious school, who would like him as a student. After a series of refusals, the boy visits the school and in the end, with the support of his family and Betty , he decides to move. As for Veronica , instead, the girl attracts media attention due to Hiram , who accuses her of the crimes attributed to him. The Lodge , however, does not take too long to clarify things with journalists.

In all this, Cheryl declares war on the new principal. After learning that he would not give permission for the return dance to school the Blossom decides to organize a party at home, interrupted at some point precisely from reporting to the sheriff made by the same Mr. Honey . However the redhead does not put her feet on her head and counterattacks making the principal's office temporarily unusable

But what awaits us in the next episode?


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