From Shameless to Gray's Anatomy: Richard Flood joins Shonda Rhimes' medical drama. Here is the character he plays.

The Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital is preparing to welcome a new doctor, after the recent defections. This is Dr. Cormac Hayes , interpreted by Richard Flood , second new entry of this sixteenth season of Grey's Anatomy . As we all know, in fact, during the last episode of last season, la Bailey found herself forced to dismiss Meredith, Webber and Alex . While the Gray cannot yet return to work, Richard and Karev found a new job in a another hospital in Seattle, the Pac North , which are trying to get back on its feet.

During the fourth episode of Grey's Anatomy 16 , then, also Owen Hunt left the GSMH and reached the two colleagues. We therefore need to flesh out the team of surgeons at the former Seattle Grace of the Merciful Death . If the general surgery department has been entrusted to Wilson , pediatrics, previously managed by Alex , yes finds discovery. The Bailey decides therefore to assume a new Karev . We welcome in Grey's Anatomy to Richard Flood and to his dr . Cormac Hayes .

Richard Flood Instagram
Richard Flood Instagram

The actor, known for having dressed as Ford in Shameless , got a recurring role in the TV series , as new head of pediatrics. The news was reported Deadline . At the moment we do not know in which episode we will know the Dr. Hayes , if it will be the first or second half of the season. This news certainly leaves little room for an imminent return of Karev and Webber to GSMH .

In addition to Shameless and Grey's Anatomy , among the other works in which he took part Richard Flood we also find the TV series Crossing Lines , with the Italian Gabriella Pession . The two, who met on the set, fell in love and later got married.

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