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PlayStation JP eliminates the music video amid allegations of art theft



Sony celebrated the PlayStation 25 with a variety of special events and releases, including a new music video from their Japanese Twitter account. But the video was not received with enthusiasm. Rather, it has become the center of accusations of art theft by Internet animators – and the animator at the center of it may not work again soon.

Fans with sharp eyes have noticed two sequences that seemed particularly familiar, both of which looked like direct tracks rather than giveaways. Steven Universe co-developer Ian Jones-Quartey captured a Spinel track from the “More friends” sequence in the recent film series and the user of Twitter @ Kittyfries9 was very close in noticing a moment Yoh Yoshinari from FLCL . (Click here or on the image to visit the thread and view the clips.)

– ianjq (@ianjq), December 4 2019

A stream of similar tweets followed, with animators (mostly independent and at student level) who highlighted the traces of their work during the video. A supercut was completed by the Twitter user @ Catsuka , who then proceeded to further investigate the case. The supercut can be viewed on Catsuka's account from by following this link .

According to the Post on the PlayStation blog JP for MV, the animator was Kevin Bao, born in Vancouver, who won awards at numerous film festivals since 2013. It didn't take long for viewers to find more animations from his previous online work. Eallin Animation, with whom Bao worked, issued a statement on the accident:

– Eallin Animation (@EallinAnimation) December 4, 2019

Meanwhile, the online presence of Bao seems to have been canceled, from its social media to its official website and Eallin landing pages. The original video was also removed from the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel.

Source: CNN , @ Catsuka


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