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My Hero Academia Manga has reached 25 million copies printed in Japan



My Hero Academia

With the fourth season of the current anime series and its second film coming out in a few weeks, the superhero series My Hero Academia is currently at the peak of a franchise. Just like the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga reached up 25 millions of printed copies in Japan with the release of his 18 th volume, My Hero Academia also has reached 25 one million milestone print to his 23, both published on December 4 .

My Hero Academia

In the tweet above, the Japanese anime Twitter account My Hero Academia announced the finish line , thanking the readers. With this goal, My Hero Academia is equal to the reported number of prints of popular series such as Hikaru no Go , Flame of Recca, is Maison Ikkoku .

Congratulations to Kohei Horikoshi for the finish line! We are sure that the series GOES BEYOND this and will reach greater heights.

My Hero Academia

You can watch the last season of My Hero Academia on Crunchyroll in this moment.

Source: Japanese account My Hero Academia anime Twitter

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