Locke and Key TV series plot and advances

Netflix , one of the streaming platforms most famous in the world, has a new project in the works. La TV series Locke and Key is taken from the homonymous comic written by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez and published by Magic Press .

The plot follows the vicissitudes of three brothers, who move to their father's ancient residence following their death of the latter. The three boys here will discover the presence of some keys that will give them a series of special powers and abilities.

However, not everything is roses and flowers. In fact, a demon is searching for these keys and will stop at nothing to get them.

Some anticipations released in 2016 they saw Hulu as the TV rights holder but a few months ago things changed and Netflix grabbed the series

Joe Hill , the creator of the comics of Locke and Key , will remain involved in the project. At the time, during an interview reported by Den of Geek , he said:

I love this story. The seven years I spent working on Locke and Key were the most beautiful, creatively speaking, and there is no day when you don't think about these characters and I miss seeing them. The six comics look a lot like the six seasons of a TV series, so I feel I have to bring this wonderful world to the small screen and see if we can frighten viewers as they should

Locke and Key TV series cast actors and characters

Following the displacement of TV series Locke and Key from Hulu a Netflix , the cast has undergone significant changes and the platform streaming has chosen new actors who will participate in the project

Indeed, the cast chosen by Hulu was initially composed of:

  • Frances O'Connor ( The Conjuring 2 – The Enfield case );
  • Sam Robards ( Gossip Girl, AI – Artificial Intelligence );
  • Jack Mulhern ( Walking to the Waterline )
  • Megan Charpentier ( IT, The mother, Little Red Riding Hood );
  • (

  • Jackson Robert Scott ( IT, Fear the Walking Dead );
  • Nate Corddry ( Mom, The Circle, Crime Bodies );
  • Danny Glover ( Lethal weapon, Touch ).

However, the cast of the ser ie TV Locke and Key which was decided by Netflix consists of the following actors :

  • Jackson Robert Scott is Bode Locke;
  • Connor Jessup is Tyler Locke;
  • Emilia Jones is Kinsey Locke;
  • Sherri Saum is Ellie Whedon;
  • Griffin Gluck is Gabe;
  • Darby Stanchfield is Nina Locke;
  • Laysla De Oliveira is Dodge;
  • Petrice Jones is Scot;
    • Thomas Mitchell Barnet is Sam Lesser
    • Steven Williams is Joe Ridgeway;
    • Kevin Alves is Javi;
    • Asha Bromfield Zadie.

    A apparently the only one that was not changed among the characters of the TV series Locke and Key is the one played by Jackson Robert Scott, whom we met in IT as Georgie. In fact, the young man actor will play the part of the smaller of the Locke brothers

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    Locke and Key TV series streaming and episodes

    Some months ago the first complete season of Locke e Key , which will consist of 10 episodes lasting one hour each . The series can be enjoyed by all of us in streaming su Netflix , paying the usual subscription fee

    When does it come out? The release date of the Netflix series

    But when the TV series Locke and Key comes out ? Finally Netflix released the release date . As Variety reports, the debut is scheduled for 7 February 2020 .

    Despite the release date had not yet been announced, filming had already begun 11 February 2019 and continued until 17 June 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

    Precisely for this reason there was the possibility that Netflix released the TV series Locke and Key at the end of the year or, at most, in the first months of 2020 .


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