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Live-Action Island of Giant Insects PV brings big bugs in the real world



If our precedent looks at Island of giant insects the souls gave you creeping shivers, you may want to look away.

A new PV has been launched for a live film adaptation of the popular manga, with Mutsumi and Chitose very recognizable at the mercy of a giant ant.

Director Noboru Iguchi ( Machine Girl , RoboGeisha ) is at the helm of the new film, which will mark the third adaptation of the popular survival horror manga, following an anime and crowdfunding animated film. The trailer seems to imply that the live-action excursion focuses on Mutsumi and Chitose, without giving any indication of the larger cast, so it's not known if it's a complete movie or a short subject.

The film will be screened at the next Atami Kaiju Film Festival next week (November 22 – 24) and Iguchi the same will appear on the last day of the event. Furthermore, one of the enormous props of the film will be exhibited at the Atami International College of Tourism during the event.

>> Website of the Atami Kaiju film festival

>> L island of giant insects Anime website

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