In addition to Nine (Yoshio Inoue) and Slice (Mio Imada), the official website of the next anime film My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising revealed others two original bad characters recently designed by the manga author My Hero Academia Kohei Horikoshi: Mummy (Kousuke Toriumi) and Chimera (Shunsuke Takeuchi).

The mummy is described as “an enemy with a ninja appearance wearing a bandage for the whole body”. The cast of his voice Kousuke Toriumi says, “I participated in” Hiroaca “and I enjoyed recording during the session with so much passionate warmth. I am excited to see the film complete soon, and I hope everyone is looking forward to it. “

Meanwhile, Chimera is presented as “a deformed type of enemy that has overwhelming combat power”. The cast of his voice Shunsuke Takeuchi comments: “I think a lot of people are wondering what kind of Chimera character is because it's the original baddie of the movie. In this film, the theme of “What is true justice and evil? “And” Who decides his standard? “Is animated by powerful battles. I think you can enjoy this movie more by watching it not just once but many times. I hope you will love it. “

– 『僕 の ヒ ー ロ ー ア カ デ ミ ア THE MOVIE』 公式 (@heroaca_movie) November 11, 927

The long-awaited second feature film of the anime franchise My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising is scheduled to be released in Japan in December 02, 2019.

Teaser trailer:

Poster teaser:

Source: “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising” Official website / Twitter

(c) 2019 Production Committee “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE” (c) Kohei Horikoshi / SHUEISHA


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