How to find out who you chat with most on Whatsapp? The app to communicate with most used friends and relatives of Italy has a hidden function to show it, with lots of details related to exact number of messages exchanged with a specific contact.

With whom you chat more on Whatsapp

The functionality is not yet widely used as it is hidden in the application settings. To view it you must access it and select the item “ Data usage and archive “. From there, choosing the last option of the list, namely “ Archive use “, a screen will open containing all conversations of the user sorted from top to bottom based on space occupied by them .

If you select a specific chat you can then view all the details of the interaction . This means the total number of messages exchanged divided into texts, gifs, photos, videos, audio recordings, stickers and documents. The exact portion of memory it occupies is also provided for each category

It should be emphasized that the fact that a chat takes up so much space does not necessarily mean that it is the one with which you have more interactions. In fact, if the media sent are photos and videos, the heaviness increases. It could therefore happen that a chat in which many text messages are sent results in a lower position in the ranking because these occupy less space. For the same reason, group conversations will weigh more because they contain messages sent by multiple users.


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