By the middle of 2020 it will be possible to transfer the own photos from Facebook to Google Photos. In this way users will have a copy of backup of all the media files they have uploaded over the years to their profile.

Transfer photos from Facebook to Google Photos

Currently the tool is under development and the first nation to experience it will be the Ireland . Even now the Zuckerberg social network allows you to download your data and store it on the PC's hard drive. The new technology will instead consist of sending its data to another online service without going through the computer.

The reason for this revolution is not yet known. According to some it would be a first move in anticipation of the arrival of more restrictive laws on privacy . Others argue that it is a step to process personal data in a more open and controlled way

The project is part of a broader agreement involving Apple, Microsoft, Google and Twitter to set up an open-source standard for the portability of data known as DTP, or Data Transfer Project . A common language is created between the various operators so as to allow a complete and variable communication expressed by the European standards Gdpr, in particular by the article 20.

The file transfer will be protected by cryptography and it will be necessary to pass by a password, in order to prevent someone from copying someone else's data in a sneaky way . Media that can be transferred include photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to full hd.


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