The record heat wave that has been hitting Antarctica for several days does not seem to cease, recording values ​​never seen before on the moors of the white continent, despite being now full summer in those latitudes. In the last hours the news has spread that on the day of 9 February a group of Brazilian scientists has detected a temperature of well 20,75 Celsius degrees along the coasts of Seymour Island , a small island located on the northern end of the so-called Antarctic peninsula.

Warm record in Antarctica

The temperature detected by the Brazilian researchers broke the seasonal record of Thursday 6 February, when the thermometers of the Argentine National Meteorological Service had recorded 18, 3 degrees centigrade near the research station Esperanza , also located in the Antarctic Peninsula (territory claimed by Buenos Aires for which it is known as Argentine Antarctica).

The value of Seymour Island has exceeded by almost a degree even the previous absolute record that has stood since 1982 , when on the Isle of Signy I register over 19 degrees. The data of the Esperanza station instead appear even more exceptional if we consider that the continental part of the Antarctic peninsula is usually colder than the surrounding islands , whose climate is mitigated by proximity to the oceans.

The general rise in temperatures

The same researchers have defined the values ​​recorded as “incredible and abnormal” for the season, although for decades now according to the World Meteorological Organization the average temperatures in Antarctica have risen by about 3 degrees. At the same time, about the 87% of the glaciers along the western coast have shrunken .


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