What is it, what is the service desk useful for and why is it relevant? It constitutes the connecting element between the IT (information technology) department and the other departments, with a view to a well-organized IT Service Management (ITSM).

The service desk is therefore distinguished by a help desk as it does not address the user in particular, but meets the needs of those operating in the business world. With regard to operational aspects, the service desk intervenes on procedures related to service optimization strategies .

Because HelpdeskAdvanced supports the achievement of corporate objectives

The best service desks use high-performance software that is able to reveal itself up to the challenges of competitiveness. Pat's HelpdeskAdvanced (part of the Zucchetti Group, first Italian group in the ICT scene) allows to improve the performance related to the provision of services, the resource efficiency and quality of the IT department. HelpdeskAdvanced represents a valuable tool for the achievement of corporate objectives .

This is a web and mobile based solution, ITIL v3 compliant, which allows you to manage the services related to the different departments where Service Management is an essential aspect. The principle of process automation is the foundation of HelpdeskAdvanced, whose support becomes irreplaceable in many strategic contexts of service governance. Its features take advantage of both the automation and the excellent configurability of IT and business processes

The software design led to an intuitive and immediate service desk tool, capable of optimizing the user experience (User Experience ) resorting to channels and interfaces that make every operational situation easy and simple. Accessibility to software knows no limits. The HelpdeskAdvanced mobile app allows you to use the main features at any time.

IT Service management, process automation and other Pat proposals

HelpdeskAdvanced reflects the experience of over 25 years by Pat in the field of software solutions development for companies and public and private institutions. The company's offer includes application solutions from IT Service management , interaction with customers and online users, CRM, lead management, automation of business processes and social collaboration.

Behind every software there is a design process in which the user has absolute centrality, they are products customer-centric . This development strategy allows companies to achieve ambitious goals in terms of customer acquisition, consolidation and retention in a short time

Pat's commitment is to simplify information management , but also the dynamics between the various business areas, optimizing business processes. InfiniteArea is the creative context within which new ideas are developed


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