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Who is Luca Castellini, the ultras leader of Verona and exponent of Forza Nuova

For the head of the ultras of Hellas Verona Luca Castellini yesterday afternoon, during the Serie game A against Brescia , “Balotelli has decided to make that clown and throw the ball into the curve.”

Racist choirs? Not at all: “We have an identity culture of a certain type, we are a supporter that is irreverent, that takes for the c … the bald player, the one with long hair, the southern player and the black player, but he does not with political or racist instincts – his words to Morning Show on Radio Cafè -. This is folklore, everything stops there. Balotelli is Italian because he has Italian citizenship but can never be completely Italian “.

Luca castellini

To the question whether the Verona supporters are racist, Castellini added that “we also have a negro in the team, who scored yesterday, and all of Verona beat his hands. Are there any problems in saying the word negro? Will the Segre Commission come for me because I call a Negro? Do they ring the bell for me? “

The harsh response of Balotelli to the head ultrà of Verona

But who is Luca Castellini? Luca Castellini is not only the last of the Verona curve, but he is above all a leading exponent and head of Forza Nuova in Verona, one of the Italian cities where the organization founded by Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello is stronger.

Born in Verona in 1975, he was candidate for mayor of the Municipality in 2012. Married, parent of two children and graduated in accounting. From 1999 he joined of the party founded by Roberto Fiore.

Already in the past, Castellini was noted for his statements. Interviewee to It is not the Arena on the promotion of Verona in Serie A, on choirs about Hitler he had stated: “To sing to Hitler is student spirit” and defended the choir “we are a team made in the shape of a swastika”. (We are a fantastic team / made in the shape of a swastika / how nice he is / trains Rudolf Hess “).

The note of Forza Nuova against Balotelli signed by Castellini

“When I come back to come to Verona ? Better take advantage of the opportunity “. This will have thought Mario Balotelli just arrived near the flag of the corner kick. For a finished soccer player (he plays from a standstill), aware that he is in his last year in football that counts and that he knows he must necessarily find other areas to collect money, what better stage if not Verona to relaunch his role as an icon anti-racist media? “

“From next year, more quartered and after some course of diction, we will see him limestone television studios, from D'Urso to Costanzo, in his new role as the umpteenth striker media at the service of the new Ministry of Truth. There was another “ne ** o” on the pitch on Sunday: ours, an eighteen-year-old who played as the best in the field, scored and was applauded by the whole of the Bentegodi, giving a sound lesson to that other “ne ** o “, football and humanly finished”.

Luca Castellini's political ideas

Luca Castellini is opposed to the commission commissioned by Senator Liliana Segre, which he says was established because “when the system feels attacked or hides crap from the public, it uses the anti-Semitism paradigm equal to anti-nationalism “. But the politician, on his social media, heavily criticized Greta Thunberg, spreading a photomontage that alludes to a drawing by George Soros.

Aversion towards migrants, leaving the European Union and reactionary positions on the family complete the political coordinates along which Castellini's propaganda moves on Twitter.

Former Minister Fontana v Balotelli: “No racist choir, let's go easy on the sentences”

Dentro il Rojava, guerra di Siria

Balotelli, Liliana Segre: welcome to racist and negationist Italy. Which today is the majority


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