A Lutheran priest of the Church of Sweden reached over 35 thousand fans on Instagram by publishing photos and videos of his training … but he also launches spiritual messages

Of Marco Nepi 27 Aug. 2019

Oskar Arngården, the crossfit champion priest who drives Instagram crazy

A Swedish Lutheran priest is driving the web crazy with photos and videos of his crossfit training. This is Oskar Arngården, whose Instagram profile ( @ crossfitpriest ) counts further 35 mila follower

Oskar ha 35 years , is passionate about crossfit and publishes all his training with photos and videos on social media. In his spare time he is also an instructor in a gym dedicated to this discipline

To this we must add that the young priest has a magnetic gaze, long blond hair and a Viking physique: in short, his photos would be worthy covers of the magazine Men's Health .

From Oskar Arngarden's Instagram profile

Oskar Arngården In his post Oskar, who became a priest at 27 years later a long inner journey, also launches spiritual messages, hoping to intercept on social networks a different user to preach the word of God.

On the leg, the young man is tattooed in Hebrew a sentence from the Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing”.

In recent weeks the Lutheran crossfit enthusiast has become very popular thanks to Instagram also in Italy: the news was indeed picked up by several online newspapers

Web users have reacted with transport to its popularity: “I just remembered that I have to confess,” a girl on social media quips. “Everything home and Church!”, Jokes another. Meanwhile, various memes are spreading that fill the Facebook and Instagram pages.

From Oskar Arngarden's Instagram profile


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