The mutants return on June 6 2019

The 20 th Century Fox has released a new full trailer of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, twelfth film of the series dedicated to X-Men (also counting the three Wolverine films and the two Deadpools) and sequel to X-Men – Apocalypse (perhaps the least successful of the new saga dedicated to mutants).

In the new trailer we see a wild Jean Gray / Fenice against all

The film (adaptation of the plot of the comic strip 1980 The Black Phoenix Saga of Chris Claremont , Dave Cockrum and J ohn Byrne ) is set some years later X-Men: Apocalypse , published in 2016, and the X-Men must face the full power of Phoenix after a space mission it went wrong when a mysterious cosmic force invests Jean Gray.

The cast consists of Sophie Turner (not to be missed from 14 April as Sansa Stark in Game Of Thrones) who returns to play J ean Gray , Evan Peters , Jessica Chastain , Nicholas Hoult , Tye Sheridan and of course the three main protagonists of this new cycle of the mutant film universe formed by J ames McAvoy , Jennifer Lawrence e Michael Fassbender , who return to interpret respectively Xavier , Mystica and Magneto .

In Dark Phoenix, the X-Men must face their most formidable and powerful enemy: one of their team, Jean Gray. During a space rescue mission, Jean is nearly killed when hit by a mysterious cosmic force. Once back home, this strength not only makes it much more powerful but also unstable. By fighting with this entity within her, Jean unleashes her powers in ways she doesn't understand or can contain. With Jean now out of control, who ends up hurting those around her, she starts to bring down what holds the X-Men together. Now, with the family falling apart, the X-Men must find a way to unite … not only to save Jean's soul but also to save our planet from aliens hoping to control this force and rule the galaxy ” .

The film was scheduled for November 2nd 2018, then for the 14 February 2019 and finally the official date is was set for June 7 next year (the 6th in Italy).


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