Ford v Ferrari – Picture: 20 th Century Fox

Ford v Ferrari or Le Mans' 66 for those who live internationally they are soon released in cinemas and theaters around the world and if you're wondering if the motorsport drama is directed to Netflix. Let's take a look.

The new film showing the talents of Matt Damon and Christian Bale sees the famous 1966 Race Le Man in which Ford decided not to compete only in 24 – rush hour but try to win.

The reviews seem strong with the fact of being seated at 73 on Metacritic right now with The Playlist which says “Ford v Ferrari is the kind of cinematic entertainment that sucks you in and won't let you go until you won't reach the finish line. “

Now let's look at the future in streaming of the film.

Will Ford v Ferrari come to Netflix in the United States?

Let's look first at the United States as it is probably the simplest answer. No.

For the moment, 20 Fox of the century has a theatrical agreement with HBO where the new films end on HBO about 9 months after his theatrical run. The agreement probably will not continue forever but Disney, the owner of 20 Century Fox has put the rest of its library on Hulu.

Unfortunately, we no longer see many Century Fox titles on Netflix in the United States 20, so we don't expect Ford v Ferrari to appear soon.

Will Le Mans' 66 come on Netflix in other regions

We will start with the United Kingdom. 20 Century Fox has a long-standing relationship with Sky and its NowTV streaming service . Although some Century Fox titles 73 come to Netflix in the UK, they are not consistent. Therefore, it could be years before Netflix UK sees Le Mans' 66 added, if at all .

In Australia, the film will be first on Foxtel but, very similar to the United Kingdom, it does not have a consistent exit program beyond. , the film will probably find its way onto Crave (owned by Starz) and that's it. No other streaming service seems to get the titles of Century Fox after 20.

This is obviously disappointing for the most part, but Netflix has many other films coming. You can keep up to date with those on our page coming soon.


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