What does Togo talk about? Plot of the Disney movie

At the end of the year, Disney welcomes a new live action film entitled Togo . This new feature film tells a true story that is very reminiscent of another significant undertaking narrated by the animated film Universal Pictures dated 1995, Balto . The mestizo who conquered everyone while looking for his place in the world is not the only four-legged hero to have saved Name , in Alaska , from the epidemic.

Togo , which owes its name to the Siberian husky protagonist of the plot , brings to the stage the story and mission of this sled dog that in 1925 succeeded in preventing the spread of diphtheria in a small Alaskan town, supplying its inhabitants with the vaccine necessary to fight the disease. Togo , considered too small and weak to face a journey that is in itself challenging, plus threatened by unfavorable weather conditions, between freezing winds, limited visibility and temperatures that reached – 50 grades, succeeded successfully in their own task. To accompany Togo in this enterprise, there is Leonhard Seppala , an experienced sled dog trainer and musher , who personally chooses the husky as a guide

It is a beautiful story of an underdog and how we can learn from adversity

He declared Willem Dafoe , interpreter of Seppala , to People.

Cast, actors and characters

As mentioned, in the cast of the Disney Togo film we find Willem Dafoe , recently in theaters with The Lighthouse e Motherless Brooklyn . The actor takes on the role of the protagonist Leonhard Seppala , musher responsible for the mission. At his side we then have the following actors , with their respective characters :

  • Thorbjørn Harr is Charlie Olsen
  • Michael Gaston is Joe Dexter
  • Julianne Nicholson is Constance Seppala
  • Christopher Heyerdahl is George Maynard
  • Michael McElhatton is Janet Lindeberg

The movie Togo was written by Tom Flynn and sees the direction of Ericson Core .

Trailer and poster

In early December, Disney released the trailer official of film Togo , soon available in streaming .

Here also the poster , published on the social accounts of Disney one day before the broadcast of video :

Togo film release date: when it is streamed on Disney ?

In conclusion, when the film Togo on Disney ? The study has already announced the release date of this new feature. The title will be available starting from 20 December 2019 , more than a month after the debut of the service in the USA. As for the possibility of seeing the film Togo online in Italy , since it is an original content of the platform, the interested parties will have no problem seeing it in streaming . They will only have to wait for the 31 March 2020, when Disney will arrive within our borders .

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