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It is difficult to see Knives Out and they have significant problems after leaving the theater. The cast is stellar and memorable, and the story and the general mystery are quite solid to the core. Rian Johnson did a phenomenal job with the film (which is going better at the box office than expected), although there is a small part towards the end that makes no sense to me and has somehow influenced my enjoyment of the film.

The time has come to the conclusion of the film during the conversation between Marta Cabrera of Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig Benoit Blanc's southern detective. In the scene, Benoit reveals the part of the story that Marta, and the public, did not know, and put a limit to the real culprit behind the death of the criminal novelist Harlan Thrombey. He also added a little that he suspected that Marta had always been the key to the mystery, as evidenced by the blood on his shoe.

This moment was a great way to show how Benoit Blanc had observation skills similar to Sherlock Holmes, but for me, I felt out of line with everything that had come before. It wasn't something so daunting as to ruin the film; I still like it a lot, but there are some things that have to be said about this revealing and how it has weakened the character of Benoit Blanc.

Benoit Blanc Knives Out

Benoit Blanc was a very bright detective without having anchored Marta from the beginning

Begin Benoit Blanc Knives Out with the clear idea that Harlan Thrombey was murdered and that someone at home during his birthday was responsible. Marta is partly involved as a confidant because of her interceptions, but mainly because of her inability to lie without vomiting. This ability, combined with his vast knowledge of Thrombey's family, convinces Blanc to keep Marta close to deepen what really happened and why he was hired.

A large amount of Knives Out exhibition that Benoit Blanc is off the track, as we soon learn that Harlan killed himself to protect Marta, who was believed to have made a mistake with his medicines. While Blanc is unaware of this development, it is worth remembering that he does phenomenal investigative work to understand some key details behind Marta's secret before his official disclosure. Enough that I think it's obvious that in the end Blanc would have known about Marta's involvement even if he never revealed it. Maybe it wouldn't have happened fast enough as in Knives Out , but it would still have reached the bottom of things .

It's okay to say that Benoit Blanc was unaware of Marta's involvement, because Blanc's true splendor as an investigator is revealed after his revelation. Blanc is able to quickly reveal all the mystery behind why he was hired, which leads him to all the other elements that Marta had no idea that they were beyond his control. He does all this in the eleventh hour and successfully saves Marta from mistakenly announcing that he confused Harlan's drugs.

So, for Benoit Blanc, to say he suspected that Marta was because of the blood on his shoe only belittles the splendor that went into revealing the rest of the mystery. Once again, it's not an absolutely horrible line that ruins the film, although I think the film would have been better overall if part of Marta's role had been removed from the jump.

Knives Out

There is no way that Benoit Blanc could have known that the blood on the shoe was relevant

Knives Out is a truly intelligent film , so it was shocking to me that the bloodline came off as, frankly, stupid. Benoit Blanc could certainly have detected the blood on Marta's shoe, but it is crazy for him to assume immediately based on the view that the blood stain had a certain relevance in the case.

If Blanc had really felt this way, he would have made a point to have the sample tested by a laboratory to confirm that it was Harlan Thrombey's blood. Marta had such an obvious explanation that she would have had no reason not to do it, and testing the blood could have led him to understand his role in crime much earlier. Should we believe that he let such a substantial test slip simply because he wanted to see how the rest of the journey took place?

If so, it's a bad investigative job, and something that makes Benoit Blanc more of a buffoon than a master of his trade. There are all the theaters and the big announcements, yet he identified a clue he considered relevant and decided to put that person together instead of speeding up the case? It looks like something someone would do if they tried to create a more noteworthy case than to worry about closing the case.

Personally, it is so difficult to believe that the person who created the character of Benoit Blanc, after working meticulously on his deductive reasoning and cross-examination, would have thought he would have covered a bet massive on a simple speck of blood on someone's clothes. Perhaps this was a line that was later added, potentially to help promote the idea of ​​ Knives Out the public that Benoit Blanc is as brilliant as it seemed initially.

Knives Out

Knives Out featured in tribute to crime and the genres of Whodunit, that could explain the line

Rian Johnson told the LA Times that he looked at the past works of whodunnit (and apparently channeled hatred from Knives Out The Last Jedi while doing Knives Out , which could play on the bloodline. previously, the scene for me seemed similar to an old story by Sherlock Holmes, in which the detective deduced a lot from Watson's activities that day simply observing the marks on his shoe

I have not seen any indication that the story has any connection with the moment, but given Arthur Conan Doyle he is one of the great authors of the detective genre, similar the shooting of that story is almost due appear in other novels. If the line is another reference to the genre of the detective novel, this makes it a little more forgivable to me, even if I still can't completely leave Benoit Blanc out of it in order not to use modern technology and analyze the blood.

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