What is The Knight Before Christmas about? Netflix Christmas movie plot

Later As a Princess , released last year on Netflix , Vanessa Hudgens is ready to immerse herself again in the Christmas atmosphere with the movie The Knight Before Christmas . Also this title goes to be inserted among the romantic comedies. The first details of plot were reported by the account affiliated to the streaming service, See What's Next . From this preliminary information we learn that the film also features fantasy colors. In fact, the theme of time travel has been included in history, precisely from the Middle Ages to the present day, made possible by a spell cast by a sorceress.

Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse star in the perfectly-titled holiday rom-com , The Knight Before Christmas. She plays a kind science teacher who has been disillusioned by love and cursed medieval knight she must help return to her time – FIRST LOOK: pic. twitter.com/AHuAPIh7HB

— See What's Next (@seewhatsnext) October 15, 2019

The plot complete with the film Netflix The Knight Before Christmas , reported by Entertainment Weekly , reads:

After a witch carried the medieval knight Sir Cole to today's Ohio during the Christmas season, the young man makes friends with Brooke, a pretty and intelligent science teacher, who was disappointed by love. Brooke helps the knight juggle the modern world and find out how to accomplish his one true mission – the act that will take him home. But as the two get closer and closer, Sir Cole begins to wonder how much he really wants to go back to his old life.

Cast, actors and characters

The cast of the movie Netflix The Knight Before Christmas is led by an actress well known. This is Vanessa Hudgens , as mentioned at the beginning. The Unforgettable Gabriella Montez from High School Musical plays a science teacher named Brooke . The latter will come across a bizarre individual, who will discover being a knight from the past. For the role of Sir Cole was chosen Josh Whitehouse , recently seen as Hugh Armitage in Poldark . The cast of the film is completed, then, with the following actors and their respective characters :

  • Harry Jarvis is Sir George
  • Isabelle Franca is Claire
  • She is Kenion the lady Klaus
  • Jean-Michel Le Gal is David
  • Mimi Gianopulos is Alyson
  • Jacob Soley is Patrick
  • Simon Webster is Reed
  • Olivia Gudaniec is Kaelynn
  • Isabelle Franca is Claire
  • Jesse Gervasi is Taylor
  • Shanice Johnson is Paige
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui

The script of The Knight Before Christmas sees the signature of Cara J. Russell , while the direction was entrusted to Monika Mitchell. The film is a production Motion Picture Corporation of America


Waiting for Netflix to release trailer , here is a first look at film , thanks to a general video with all the theme content Christmas arriving on the platform:

The Knight Before Christmas when streaming on Netflix: date Christmas film release

In conclusion, what is the release date of the movie Netflix The Knight Before Christmas ? Fortunately, we already have an answer to this question. In mid-October, the streaming giant released the titles of their Christmas-themed content and also when it comes out each of them. The film's debut with Vanessa Hudgens is scheduled for 21 November . Turning to the possibility of using the film online, being an original content of Netflix , those interested will be able to see The Knight Before Christmas in streaming without particular difficulties. It will be sufficient to avail, if you do not already have it, of a subscription to the service. Unfortunately Netflix has again removed the free trial period, at least for the moment. Consequently, to see the title you will have to subscribe to one of the plans that the platform foresees.

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