The plot

Jodi ( Ava Michelle ) has always been the tallest girl in the school, something that continually makes you uncomfortable. After having faced life with her head down for sixteen years and having always been made fun of by schoolmates, Jodi who spends her days with her best friend Fareeda ( Anjelika Washington ) and friend Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck), who has always been in love with her, knows Stig ( Luke Eisner ), a Swedish student who arrived at his school. Stig looks perfect, he's good, kind and he's as tall as her, but he has a girlfriend, the partner who most abuses Jodi. The girl falls head over heels in love with Jodi and upsets her existence. This is the plot of Tall Girl , the film by Nzingha Stewart , released on Neflix on 13 September 2019, with the script by Sam Wolfson.

The themes

The central point of Tall Girl it is precisely the insecurity that keeps Jodi trapped, preventing her from being able to express herself freely, to be able to show others who she is, to be able to fall in love, even. The girl believes she can only go out with a tall guy, she thinks that her friend who never misses an opportunity to declare herself is not part of her canons – because society wants men to be taller than women. This issue is obviously very clever: who was not made fun of as a teenager? Who hasn't felt so different as to want to hide from everything and everyone? The fear of not being accepted causes children to collapse, constantly making them live in the anguish of being laughed at by others and of seeing their freedom to be what they are limited. For Jodi, love will save her, give her confidence in herself: the love of her sister who, as often happens in films, transforms her into a swan – situation meaningless because there is not a single canon of beauty – that of friends and also, in some ways, the relationship with Stig.

My comment

I rather superficially, Tall Girl, through the genre of the comedy, try to bring to the stage the inconveniences that every day afflict teenagers , with comic scenes but also with some moments of reflection. Jodi, to free himself from the preconceptions imposed by society and by itself, must take a trip to get to believe in your own beauty and uniqueness. Between parties, afternoons, quarrels and reconciliation Judi truly understands that what she sees as a defect for others is what which makes it special .

Tall Girl it is a simple story – which shows more than a few writing defects – of teenagers, which makes itself look without too many psychological and social analyzes . The characters are characters / types that do not make the beholder fall in love with their frailties, but simply remain vehicles of a story that has touched a bit 'all.

It would have been easy for Tall Girl to hit the center instead the result is a comedy like many others.

  • Written by Listo Manuel
  • Source cinematographe.it

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