The month of August ended ended at its best with series since large thickness as GLOW and MindHunter .

September , however, non is less , a month full of outputs suitable for all tastes!

If you want to see all the outputs of this month click here.

News more important

Our advice

> Archer:

Archer is the Series more counter-current of history, desecrating , bad , vulgar , which in only 9 (almost) seasons manages to shatter all cliché of action films. Starting from its protagonists

> I stop when I want ad Honorem :

Thanks to a wise construction choral and to a fluid narrative , which binds to perfection to the first two chapters of the saga , the trilogy of Syndey Sibilia finds a closing significant, amusing and at the same epic time .

> Disincanto : Read here some interesting facts about the series

> The Politician : Read the article to know everything about this sparkling series

> Vis a Vis : It is a TV series of production Spanish , set in a women's prison .

It is a series of genre drama and thriller , with very intense tones

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Written from Listo Manuel

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The September article with Netflix! comes from NetflixIT | News.


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