Sonic the Hedgehog taking his mark, ready to run

What is the exchange of currency between gold rings and US dollars? I don't know, but whatever it is, Sonic may want to go to the Green Hill Zone and start collecting, because, apparently, makeovers for curls don't come cheap. The recently redesigned redesign for the titular character in the video game adaptation next year Sonic the Hedgehog , reportedly , it cost a ton of money, but maybe not as much as was assumed.

Following the cry and the backlash to the first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer that debuted in April, Paramount delayed the film and director Jeff Fowler promised fans that the changes were coming. We saw the result of those changes with the recently released trailer, which led many to wonder how expensive it was to revive the blue blur. It turns out that the cost of skeletal reconstruction, extended dental work and a pair of new gloves is close to $ 5 million.

According to IndieWire, who spoke with a source close to the production of the film, who called the redesign by hitting Paramount's checkbook for just under $ 5 million. This is not cheap at all, and represents about 5.5% of the estimate of the film $ 90 millions of budgets. However, while the film already had a considerable budget and was delayed to adapt to the redesign, $ 5 million is not as bad as it could have been.

Following the release of the new trailer, there was talk of the fact that Sonic's redesign had cost $ 35 million, then in a hot air balloon Sonic the Hedgehog budget up to $ 100 million. But as noted by IndieWire, that number is a wild overvaluation of how much the changes actually cost. Again, $ 5 million is still a lot of money that the studio definitely wasn't going to spend before the first trailer came out.

The reason why the redesign cost $ 5 million instead of $ 35 million is due to the fact that in reality it was necessary to modify relatively little. It turns out that VFX's work on Sonic the Hedgehog was largely incomplete when the first trailer was released , with the only stuff that was complete basically is what we saw in that trailer. So it wasn't like the whole movie was finished and all the Sonic footage on VFX had to be redone.

Therefore, with $ 5 million, they were able to go back and make changes to the finished material, and for the things that were unfinished, they were able to work with the redesign in mind. So, in a sense, the timing of things worked better than the first trailer could have debuted later and the reaction came once the VFX work was done.

A cost of $ 5 million is not cheap, but can prove to be money well spent for Sonic the Hedgehog . While Jim Carrey's point on kowtowing public pressure is worthy of discussion, the backlash of Sonic's initial design was so universal and noisy, it would have been discouraged to go ahead with the original design when the film's fanbase actively hated it.

After the $ 5 million redesign, there was an outlet of appreciation from Sonic fans, who feel like their voices have been heard and the correspondent interest in the film has increased. Director Jeff Fowler seems grateful enough for the answer, and although it's not technically intended as such, the fan redesign and reaction was a big press for Sonic the Hedgehog .

So if the redesign at the end turns Sonic the Hedgehog in a success at the box office or not, it seems to me that it was the intelligent bet.

Sonic the Hedgehog runs in theaters in February 11, 2020. Take a look at our 2020 release program to see all the great films coming next year


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