Netflix has been preparing for some time to face the competition and the CEO Reed Hastings explained how they will try to retain their users despite expanding the offer and content.

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix , during the conference that took place in Cambridge and organized by the Royal Television Society, has explained that they have been preparing for the debut of other companies in the sector since 2012, therefore being a little surprised by the years elapsed before the announcement of the “rival” services, underlining: “ Although we have been competing with many people in the last decade, starting from November there will be a new world between the launch of Apple TV and Disney, and of course with Amazon which is aiming high “. Hastings went on to recall the future debut also of Peacock and HBO Max and explaining: “ It will be a tough race. Consumers will have a lot of choice “.

The strategy of Netflix will therefore be to “ focus on the consumer rather than on competition “.

Hastings' statements do not seem to have convinced the investors and the title of Netflix suffered, on Friday, a drop of 7%, recording the worst result of the last nine months, despite the CEO having expressed some confidence in speaking of the entry into the scene of the new services.

Written by Listo Manuel


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